The Hunt

It’s 6am on a Wednesday morning in January 2016. Twenty-two year old me sits at a computer waiting for the inevitable influx of calls from Kiwis across the North Island, lamenting about all the things going wrong with their newspaper deliveries. As I sit out the quiet period (because 6am on hump day is too much for people anywhere in the world) I check and recheck my email accounts in the hope that some kind soul has responded to my desperate pleas for a job anywhere but where I am now.

Don’t get me wrong- working in a call centre isn’t a bad thing. Especially not here. I have a manager who makes me laugh 24/7 and friends I know will last a lifetime. But the prospect of coming in day in and day out to a job that has nothing to do with my interests or Bachelor’s degree is… taxing.
I studied English and Media Studies at university, and for a long time thought of nothing but the cool media job I’d get after university. 10 months after university, I’m still in the call centre job I took up in a leading media company, hoping I’d make the move into a better position.
But. It’s. HARD. Last year when I joined, there were so many changes happening in the company that any application I sent in was lost under the shuffle of people more important that I. Even now when things have settled down, my inbox remains empty of job recruiters and calls remain unanswered. Sometimes it feels like I have a massive Professor Umbridge-type figure standing next to me preventing me from progressing to the next stage- for ‘progress for progress’ sake must be prohibited’ (thanks, J K Rowling).
I know what you’re going to say- ‘welcome to the real world, Sinelle’. Not going to lie, but the real world? It kinda sucks. I’m still clinging on to the ideals that seventeen year old me had of a fancy journalist lifestyle, working for Al Jazeera or interviewing One Direction- I was seventeen, my idea of happiness was simple (yet those are still on the list of ‘Very Important Things to Sinelle’). Things are always so much better in dream world. But, I needed to get a kick-start on attempting to be a writer, and asked around to see what other people thought was best.
And so I started a blog. Apparently all aspiring writers have one, didn’t you know! Which brings us here. “Let us move forward, then, into a new era of openness, effectiveness and accountability” (sometimes, Umbridge made sense). Here’s to a good hunt and a productive 2016.

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