India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters…

Though it may seem as such, my patriotism isn’t limited to two days in the year.

It is in every day I live, in every relationship I keep, in every decision I make.

It is a reminder that another country does not make me another person.

And I’ll always salute the flag.

Despite the corruption and the smog.

Despite the stereotypes and the jokes.

Despite the suicides, the violence, that infamous “Indian mentality”.

For beneath that are the people. The culture. The family. Our sanskar reigning true.

It’s been 67 years. We are one Republic. One nation.

Let not our differences divide us, but our values unite.

My patriotism is a salute to my freedom. The freedom of every damn Amar, Akbar and Anthony.

One nation, one people.

Jai Hind.



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