The drive to pass

My sister got her restricted license four months ago, and it’s been a smooth ride so far (excuse the pun). Her main support was my mum, who took a step away from selling houses to focus on this task. In the process, my mum (Ivy) got to talking with other young people about their experiences with sitting the test. She quickly learned that not one person she spoke with had an easy time getting their license. While some passed even when making the most ridiculous mistakes, others failed on the smallest ones. As long as you were a good driver, then it was your instructor, she found, that made all the difference.

So she was inspired. She put together the experiences of the young people she spoke with and produced the following: a creative piece to encourage young drivers to gain confidence and to never give up. Happy reading!


All I really want to do is pass my driving test. I’m sixteen, I’ve done the written test and secured 100%. Well done to me!

And now comes my first driving test. I’m a bundle of nerves. Prick me and I’ll jump to the sky. My 45 minutes begin. Lights, camera, action and off I go.

Round, up, down and back to the center.

Yes, I failed. I’m crying. I say I’m never going through that test again.


But here I am. Seventeen now. Let’s give it a shot again, I say. This time, practice makes perfect. Everyone tells me I’m good now. It’s got to be a pass.

The day comes, and my 45 minutes begin again.

Up, down, around, straight and back.

Yes, I failed.

But I was told I’m good! But no, Mr Instructor says not enough head turns, not enough indications at roundabouts, not good with ‘gap selection’. So sorry, but it’s a fail.


I’m eighteen now. OK. No problem. I’ll do it again, one last time.

My 45 minutes begin. I’m good, I’m confident, I can do no wrong.

Oops, it was a fail, said the instructor. I had to intervene when you hesitated. Instant fail.

What do I do now?


I’m nineteen now. Let’s take official lessons. Round and round, $400 down. There’s no way I can go wrong now.

My 45 minutes begin. I’m so, so confident. I’m cruising. Yes, perfect parallel park too!

Oops, said the instructor. It’s a fail. Believe you me, she failed me for reasons best known to her. No I won’t cry this time because I know it was she who failed me, not I who failed.

I don’t give up. One more shot at this. I practice the route for four days in a row. It’s so perfect, I could drive it in my sleep.

My 45 minutes begin. Perfect, perfect, I’m feeling so, so good.

Well, said the instructor. You were so good, but you touched the curb ever so slightly. Yes, I know it’s silly but it’s considered a collision. Sorry, but that’s a fail.


But I’m the ant who never gives up. Back one last time. Oh God, I say, please have mercy on me.

I go. 45 minutes begin again. And the instructor said, you passed.


I did it! I did it!

But was there a better way to have done it? Or was it an early life lesson to tell me that nothing comes easy?

At least I know to keep working because some day I’ll succeed. Thank you God!


3 thoughts on “The drive to pass

  1. Ivy, you are a Jack of all trades. Excel everywhere we you put your hand & heart into. Now we know where your kids get their talents from. Absolute blessings from God!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done Sinelle ha ha…You published this..Thank you..Well it’s all so true.
    Finally All s Well that ends Well!!God is Great.


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