Keeping up with Krazy.

I’m winding down the first half of semester, and it’s so far been incredible.

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Third-Wave Feminism (or the premature Death of Sinelle’s career)

We’ve had two months of 2017, and it’s been so far interesting. President Trump celebrated his first month in office, Victoria had it’s worst aviation disaster in thirty years and for the first time ever, my family went on our┬ábiennial India trip without me. Despite the many new challenges we’ve already faced, there is one topic still thriving in the undertones of huge political and social issues: feminism. Continue reading Third-Wave Feminism (or the premature Death of Sinelle’s career)

Appropriation vs. Appreciation

Recently, Buzzfeed India reported on a couple that have gone viral for their fantastic travel photos, particularly in India. You may have already heard of them as ‘the guy who follows his girlfriend around the world’ (not the official title). Murad Osmann and his now wife, Natalia Zakharova travel the world Continue reading Appropriation vs. Appreciation